Monday, April 30, 2012


Spring is here! I was riding my bike home from work this afternoon, my rain jacket strapped to my saddlebag and my little red cardigan flapping in the wind. A feeling of peace, excitement, wonder, and freedom welled up in me. It's a feeling I used to get as a little girl riding my bike up and down quite Alder Road. It's the "spring" feeling. I am so excited for the start of a new season, everything is fresh, and I can smell the new buds and flowers when I start biking in the mornings.

Such a good girl, she runs ahead, but never out of site, and always waits for me to catch up. 
A little while ago I had a morning to myself-- well, almost. Daniel was at work, so it was just Cheza and I. It was beautiful and the warmest it's been all through the wet West Coast winter, so I decided a nice walk through Seal Bay (a lovely woodland park on the edge of a rocky ocean beach) was indeed necessary.
I never knew I could blur the edges on instagram until this photo! It makes me laugh, like something that would be on a 70's ad for pet food.
Once we started walking, I decided it was definitely something that needed to be documented, but I felt rather silly wandering around this beautiful forest looking at my iphone screen! Ha! I've become one of those.

We found a little hide out, with a view.
I climbed a tree.

Happy Spring!

Down on the beach, the sun was shining directly on us and I was (are you sitting down?) able to loose my wooly sweater and run around in my TANK TOP! Unheard of, I know. But it was glorious!