Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Is it easy being green?

I just spent my entire 1.5 hour Sociology class watching "The Next Industrial Revolution". Although I can't say I agreed with everything in the film it was so incredibly thought provoking. It has made me want to be more eco-conscious, something I have always done a little bit, such as recycling and composting, but I certainly could be doing so much more!
I was so inspired by the number of blogs focused on 'green' living! The Zero Waste Home is probably one of my favorites, she just seems to be so passionate about it, and I love all her tips and hints on there. As some of you know, I am getting married this summer, and am really excited to have my own place and be able to make big decisions about where I get food, and how I run my home. Thankfully, I am marrying a farmer's boy who isn't afraid of getting his hands dirty, and is fantastically handy! He is always fixing this or that, or cutting this broken truck in half to make a trailer, or building a bike. He and I are in total agreement that we don't want to have too much "stuff", not wanting to buy into the North American idea that you need more! I really appreciate that about him.
One thing we want to be sure of is that we only have on vehicle. I know that might sound trivial to some, and ridiculous to others. To those finding it trivial, I don't think you can deny that we will be putting so much less pollution into the atmosphere by only having one car, not to mention will be more likely to walk or bike when the car isn't available, thus causing us to live a healthier lifestyle. To those who think it's ridiculous, yes, we know it will be tough at times, having to organize our schedules around one another, but seriously, it's only in the past decade that multiple-car-families have become common place, so I am sure taking a little step back in time wont kill us. That being said, Daniel (my loverly fiance) is slowly fixing up an old VW Jetta to run on veggie oil! I am so excited! While I definitely don't think veggie oil is the way to go for everyone, nor do I think it is the answer to the world's oil problem, I sure do think using old veggie oil from McDonalds to run your car is much better than having the oil be thrown out!
To end off this post, I would love if everyone could leave a comment with suggestions on creating a more eco-friendly home! Hopefully this fall I will be able to blog about each one as I set up my nest :) .

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