Monday, January 23, 2012

Patients and Pretties

I just ordered my Christmas present from Daniel.... yes, from, and yes, Christmas! As it turned out, both Daniel and my sister-in-law Stephanie ordered me the EXACT same dress from Modcloth! The one they ordered is above, the "Meadow Relaxation Dress". It's absolutely lovely, and I have worn it a few times with cardigans and shirts underneath (it's still far too cold to wear it as-is).
   Obviously I had to send one of the packages back, and it just happened to be Daniels (I hadn't actually opened that package yet). Since then I have just been waiting for Modcloth to receive the return so I can order another dress. Finally it did-- just a few days ago-- and since I have been scrolling through the pages and pages of pretties on their site.  I finally made my decision today and am so excited since it was the last dress of it's kind, and just happened to be my size! Pretty pretty pretty, now I just need to be patient and wait the 7 to 21 days delivery!

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